Additional Amazon News

  • ‘Subscribe and Save’ Service – will be launching to all sellers at the end of August 2016 as a self-service offering
  • Seller Performance Metrics Page – will be redesigned and launched in October 2016. All metrics will be readily available on one page for easier access and accountability.
  • Amazon is currently testing a Paid Services Program to further help sellers accelerate their business. The first service, the Accelerated Learning Program (ALP) will be a 60 minutes 1:1 personal coaching session with an Amazon expert. This session will be centered around your choice of either, “Basics of Selling on Amazon,” “Fulfillment by Amazon,” or “Advanced Listings.” Session prices will be $100 for the hour session.
  • The second Paid Service Program being tested is Seller Support Plus (SS+). It’s a value added service that gives you access to an experienced single point of contact (Seller Success Manager) to simplify your selling experience and allow you to focus on your business. For a monthly subscription fee of $400, you will be able to escalate important issues to your Seller Success Manager for advanced trouble-shooting and time-critical resolutions.
  • 3 New Advertising Options, including display ads are being developed this coming year.
  • Seller Fulfilled Prime (Brother/Sister of the FBA Program) – More features are being added to this service including Regional MFN Prime. In this way, sellers who are approved to fulfill their own items with the Prime badge, can optimize for regions that lower shipping cost and enable more Prime selection.

Amazon is Home for Entrepreneurs

Here are some additional facts shared by Amazon at the conference:

  • 70,000+ entrepreneurs with sales over $100k
  • 600,000 new jobs were created by Amazon Entrepreneurs
  • 11 Global Marketplaces with customers in 185 countries
  • 29 Seller Support Centers
  • 125 Fulfillment Centers
  • 30+ listing categories globally

Pilar Newman Amazon FBA

Overall, the first ever Amazon’s Women’s Entrepreneur Conference was a success for sellers seeking ways in which to stay competitive and protect their brands in the ever-changing Amazon Marketplace. Sellers were encouraged to ask questions and give feedback of which many concerns centered around hijacked listings and offering better protection for their brands.

Amazon Leadership did state they have heard sellers on this and acknowledged the need to build more sophisticated tools to better protect brands. They acknowledged the need for there to be more ways in which a brand can tell their stories and provide this important hard content on their site. The current out-dated re-seller/distributor marketplace on Amazon is undergoing tremendous change in order to quickly catch up with the newer PL/Brand building model currently disrupting the marketplace. Lastly, they also acknowledged the need to create and give us a new seller playbook on how to build your brand on Amazon.

One additional yet important note to mention here, Amazon has stated what most of us sellers already noticed. Last year, they aggressively took down sellers who were trying to game the system. These black hat tactics that include manipulating your Amazon ranking with fake orders,  will not be tolerated on Amazon. You will be penalized and potentially booted off their site for this.

In the end, at least for me, the conference did give me a new sense of security that Amazon was working on these issues that have plagued us sellers over the last year or so. They provided us with a space to network with other successful women entrepreneurs, as well as further enriched our minds with new potential profitable ideas for expansion.

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