In this post, I will show you how I generated 2,836 email subscribers in 3 months, for my product launch.

So you decided to start an Amazon Private Label business and capitalize on one of the biggest online opportunities available right now.

You were savvy enough to use Amazon’s fulfillment services (FBA) in order to sell your products while enjoying more free time to do….well whatever it is you do in your free time. Next, you took the time to optimize your product listing, found appropriate keywords, and took killer photos to showcase your product.

And now we simply sit back and watch the sales start to roll in! Whoo-Hoo!


baby crying

Com’on now! Wipe those tears!

So, what went wrong?

Well, if you are new to selling on Amazon, then you may have fallen into the common misconception that sales will magically come your way simply by uploading your product onto the site. And while these types of phenomenons do happen from time to time, especially when selling trending products, this is not a realistic outcome.


Product Trend Profits


You gotta put a little leg work into it!

There are millions of products selling on Amazon and you need to carve out your precious piece of real estate. Part of this process involves generating your first set of sales in order to gain initial product ranking on your item. This ranking is referred to the ‘Amazon Best Sellers Rank’.

Amazon Best Sellers Rank

The first few orders will aid in this crucial momentum needed to jumpstart your product’s Best Sellers Rank!

So, let’s get right to it!

First off, you will need to sign up for a Facebook Business Manager Account, and then create an Ad Account. If you don’t have this yet, then make sure to create an account at the Facebook Business Manager page first.

You will also need a landing page software program such as Leadpages and an email service provider, such as Aweber to execute the below strategy.

PHASE 1 – Using Facebook to Build Social Proof for Private Label Brand

You will need to create a Facebook™ business page for your niche Amazon Private Label Brand.

Create Facebook Page Tab

Create a Facebook Page

Choose the ‘Brand or Product’ option and select the appropriate product category for your item. Then enter your Brand name as your Facebook™ page name.

After completing the FB business page set-up, it’s time to brand your page with appropriate cover and profile images.

FB Cover Profile Image

In this example, I’m using one of my FB business pages used for teaching purposes.

Your images should be representative of your brand and it’s products. Ideally, you already have a logo created for your Amazon branded product. If not, then you can use sites such as Fiverr or 99Designs to create this relatively inexpensive. These same sites can also help you create your FB profile and cover images.

Fiverr FB Cover Job

Before we start promoting our page, we want to make sure we start populating it. This will make the page appear alive and active. This can easily be done by posting articles related to your product niche and target audience.

FB Link Post Example

FB Link Post Example2

Now, invite a few of your friends to ‘like’ your newly created FB page. Great.

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Next up, we will discuss how to use paid advertising in order to promote our page and start building social proof. Social proof helps to show that others are interested in our products and services too. No one likes to be the only one digging something, right?

We will build social proof in the form of gaining more FB ‘likes.’ There are many strategies one can use in order to build FB ‘likes.’ Personally, I prefer to target users with relevant interests related to my brand. These are people who may become genuinely interested in the offerings of my company or brand, and may eventually turn into paying customers.

With that in mind, we will go into the process of using targeted audiences in order to bring new ‘likes’ to our FB page.

(Keep in mind that learning how to properly execute paid FB advertising is a course all on it’s own. Here we will go over the general strategy and actions needed in order to reach our goal of gaining our first Amazon customers. If you need additional help, you can book a coaching session with me by making an appointment here.)

Building Your Facebook™ ‘Likes’ Ad Campaign

WBR Like Campaign

Create Your Ad Campaign

In your FB business account, go to your ‘Ads Manager’ tab.

FB Ads Manager Tab


Click on the ‘Create Campaign’ tab


FB Create Campaign Tab


Choose ‘Engagement’ Objective


FB Engagement Ad


Click on the ‘Page Likes’ option

FB Page Likes


Here you will also be able to give your campaign a name. This will be for your reference only. It can be as simple as naming it ‘Brand Page Likes’.

Next, we will need to create our Ad Set and further define our audience, budget and schedule.


Select your FB Brand Page to promote.


FB Brand Page Ad


The first part to creating our ad set is to define the audience who will be seeing our ads.


FB Audience Target

The Audience

For Wholesale Book Readers, I chose to target only people in the United States since that is the broad geographical audience I want to sell my books to. As for age range, I took an educated guess on the age range of teachers and educators who would most likely see and like my page.

For gender, I’m interested in targeting both male and female educators. Lastly, I want to show my ads to those who indicate that their common language understood is English.

Set these parameters as best as possible to the audience you wish to target. This will be a general page like ad campaign, so don’t worry too much about perfectly narrowing this down right now.

Detailed Targeting

FB Detailed Targeting

Without getting too fancy here, in the detailed targeting section, we want to find appropriate interests relevant to our target audience.

For Wholesale Book Readers, I’m looking to target school educators who may potentially be interested in purchasing classroom books. I’m casting a wide net here. But that’s ok because for this example wholesale book company, I have a wide selection of age appropriate books available.

You will see in the screenshot above that I targeted a combination of interests including companies and organizations that I believe my audience would show interest in. I also entered enough interests to where the potential reach of my audience was in the green part of the spectrum field.

This would indicate that there is a satisfactory amount of people in my audience targeting to where Facebook™ could start showing my ads. But in general, I try to create a minimum of 100,000 people potential reach. For this general target audience ‘like’ ad, you can feel free to go much higher than that.

Now it’s your turn!

Within the detailed targeting field, start entering a string of words, companies, organizations, or even names of other FB pages that are relevant to your target audience. FB will start to help you along by auto-populating ‘interests’ in the drop-down box based on what you are writing in this field. Enter enough interests to get you in the green.


In this area, I chose to exclude people who’ve already liked my Wholesale Book Readers Facebook™ page. No need to waste money displaying ads to people who’ve already liked your FB page.

At the end of this section you are given the option of saving this audience. I would chose to save this audience. We can then re-use this audience for a future campaign if it turns out to be a responsive audience.

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FB Placements Ad

This section sets the parameters for where your ads will be shown. For this campaign, it’s ok to leave it at ‘Automatic Placements.’

Budget and Schedule

FB Budget Ad


For the Daily Budget, I stick to $5 or $10 per day on a new ‘like’ ad campaign. That way I can check in to see how my ad is performing with the target audience without spending too much money. Set the ad to run continuously until you decide to pause it.

FB Optimize Ad Delivery

Here, for the sake of our general purposes, we will keep the remainder of the campaign settings as is.

Lastly, give your ad set a name. Again, this is for your reference only. Generally, I use the audience that I’m targeting as my ad set name.

For example, I indicate the age range I’m targeting, gender targeted, etc. This makes it easier to look at in your dashboard if you have multiple ad sets created.

Great! You’re becoming a Pro at this quickly! =) Next up, we will need to create our actual ad.

The format in which we will use to deliver our ‘like’ ad will be the ‘Single image’ option.

FB Ad Single Image


Creating a FB image for ‘like’ Ad Campaign

•   Recommended Image size: 1200 x 444 pixels

•   Have Little to No Text on the Image for better reach

•   Use a ‘Hero’ shot of Your Product

•   Or Use an Image that would relate to your target audience

We are looking to entice interested people to like our page. A Hero shot of your product will do just fine for this.

Facebook is constantly updating their image and text guidelines. The ‘like’ ad I had created for Wholesale Book Readers had a good amount of text in it. This was fine a year ago and served it’s purpose well. Today, stay away from too much text in the image.

Text for the Ad Copy

•   Keep it Simple.

•   Stick to One Line.

•   Tell them to Like You

•   Be Witty if Possible.

•   Otherwise relate a selling point of them liking your brand.

In the case of Wholesale Book Readers, I related the main benefit of staying connected with my page……‘Like Us to Get Notifications on Overstock School Book Bargains!’

FB Ad Preview

Pixel Tracking is used for tracking conversions for a particular action taken on the ad. We will not be going in depth into this subject matter since it’s a whole other beast. As an automatic default option, I would check off the ‘Track all conversions from my Facebook pixel.’ This will help you later on to determine how well your ad is performing.

The last piece to do now is to go ahead and click on ‘Place Order!’ Your ad may be manually checked by a FB associate before it’s activated. It may take up to 24hrs before your ad is actually shown on FB.


PHASE 2 – Leadpages and Aweber Set Up for Email Collection

Great! So now that we’re generating ‘likes’ to our FB Brand Page and building our social proof (and audience), it’s time to start generating buzz around our upcoming product launch! We will do this by generating an email waitlist of people interested in being the first to try our product at a significantly discounted rate.

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A Quick Note:

We are looking to attract initial customers with deeply discounted coupons in order to gain velocity orders. Each time your product sells, it will get a small bump in sales rank. This bump will allow more potential customers to see your product as it will be boosted higher in the search results.

On Oct. 3, 2016, Amazon updated their community guidelines in regards to offering incentivized reviews in exchange for deeply discounted products. We will be distributing deeply discounted coupons for the purpose of gaining early momentum of our new product. You can read more about Amazon’s ban on incentivized reviews here:

The list we are building will aid in giving your product random boosts throughout it’s product life cycle.


In this section, I will showcase how to use Aweber and Leadpages in order to create a basic landing page for collecting emails for our product launch campaign.

For an alternative option to Leadpages, Clickfunnels is an excellent option. While I do have membership to both tools, Clickfunnels is now my primary software tool for building landing pages.

Aweber Set-Up

First, create the list where you’ll be sending subscribers to, and give that list a name.

Aweber setup

Once you have created your list, there is one option in the list settings that I would encourage you to turn off. It is the double opt-in feature. This is where people who have already signed up to your discount list have to confirm one more time that they want to receive emails from you.

I always turn this function off. One time opting into my list is confirmation enough. Additionally, often times the double confirmation email falls into the spam folder, and your prospect will never even notice it.

Under List Options > List Settings > Confirmed Opt-In

Aweber List Settings

Make sure the double confirmation option is set to ‘OFF.’

Aweber Require OptIn

Next up is to create a form that people will use to enter their name and email address.

Aweber Create SignUp Form


Design your form or use one of the default templates.


Aweber Design Form


Choose your form’s thank you page.


Aweber Form Settings


Choose how you will publish your form based on whether you currently have a website for your Brand product or not. Then press Publish and you’re good to go!


Aweber Form Publish

Create a Landing Page with Leadpages

Here, we will create a landing page offer to entice people to sign up and receive emails for our upcoming product launch.

Leadpages WBR Template

I’m going to show you the exact landing page template design I used for my Wholesale Book Readers campaign. It performed so well that the people at Leadpages contacted me to include it as one of their top 10 Best landing page choices for May – June 2015 (featured in above roundup image).

The objective here is promote our landing page on Facebook™ via our Brand Page and generate subscribers to our email list. From there, we can email these subscribers with deeply discounted Amazon coupon codes in order to drive velocity orders to our products….thus giving our sales rank a boost. From that boost, we can then start to generate organic orders from people becoming more aware of our products.

The Leadpages template I used was the ‘Elegant Basic Opt-in Page.’

From that point on, it’s a plug an play scenario! This is one of the great benefits of using landing page software tools. You don’t have to completely design it from scratch. Additionally, these templates have been tested and proven to work. Your job is to insert images and sales copy that will covert your target audience. That’s it. Cool eh?

While this landing page was created for an e-commerce wholesale book site off Amazon, the same principles hold true for creating a waitlist buzz around your product launch.

Let’s take a look at some of the important components to creating this landing page:

1. What are you offering?


– Warehouse Overstock School Books Available for Bulk Ordering!

– Limited Amazon Discount Coupon to Try Our New Organic Skincare Creme!

2. List the four most important benefits of your product, followed by last bullet point stating ‘Sign up Now to Be Notified When this Amazon Coupon Becomes Available.’

3. Image – This can be a Hero Shot of your product or an Image that is relevant to your audience.

4. Yellow Sign up Button Text – ‘Join Wait List Now’


WBR Leadpages Creation

Next up, we will create the Leadpages form where people will be entering their information. This occurs once someone clicks the yellow ‘Join Waitlist’ Now button.

Leadpages Waitlist Yellow Button

Click through the yellow sign up button and it will take you to the page needed to edit the sign-up form.

Leadpages SignUp Form

Choose an image that again speaks to your audience. You can add words to this such as I did, or otherwise keep it simple with only an image.

For the text on this form, I wrote ‘Enter Your Name and Email Address Below to be Notified on Upcoming Book Overstock Offers.’

For your Amazon Product Launch Form, you can enter something to the effect of ‘Enter Your Email to Be Notified When Your Amazon Coupon is Available.’

Also, you will need to integrate your Aweber Account in order to integrate the Leadpages form with your newly created Aweber form and List.

Leadpages Form Integrate

Last up, we need a ’Thank You Page’ where people will be re-directed to once they sign up to your email list.

Leadpages ThankYou Page

IMPORTANT: I created a quick custom page for this. If you decide to go this route, you will need to go back into our newly designed landing page template > form > Thank You Page…and enter the URL of the ‘Thank You Page.’

The image below shows you this step of clicking on the Thank You page redirect option and entering URL

Leadpages Form ThankYou Redirect

For purposes of keeping this simple, we will check off the ‘Use default thank you page’ option and not worry about creating a custom ‘Thank You Page.’

There are other selections within Leadpages including pixel and tracking codes that should be used to track conversions on your landing page.

If you need further help in creating your landing page for your product launch, you can book a coaching call with me for a one-on-one walk-through by clicking here.

By the end of this set-up, you should have a landing page URL available to start using!

Leadpages URL


1.     If you have a WordPress Website, you can download the Leadpages Connector Plug-in to custom override your Leadpages URL to match your domain URL.

2.     If you don’t have a website, you can use to shorten your Leadpages URL.


PHASE 3 – FB Campaign Strategy to Collect Leads for Product Launch

Alright, now we implement everything we just created in order to get some customers for our product launch!

Below, I’m going to give you a couple of different strategies I used to collect 2,836 subscribers for an average of $0.89 per lead on FB. I did this in a matter of 3 months while I tested out best ways to obtain leads on the cheap with FB for my upcoming launch.

WBR Leadpages Conversions

Some of my ways are unconventional but they work! So let’s get started.

1. FB Campaign Boost to People Who Have ‘Liked’ Your FB Brand Page

FB Boost Leads

This strategy can be implemented by Amazon sellers and any other physical product sellers to gain leads.

Earlier in this post, we built up our social proof by promoting our Brand Page via a FB ‘Like’ campaign to targeted audiences. These targeted audiences would potentially have interest in purchasing our products later on.

Running a FB ad ‘Like’ campaign is generally one of the more inexpensive ad campaigns to run on FB. From there, the idea is to now get this ‘warmer’ group of people into our email list by promoting an enticing offer via our landing page. This would then result in a lower cost per lead. And this indeed was the result with Wholesale Book Readers.

FB Boost Leads2

The boosted post received a lot of engagement via comments, shares, and sign ups to my email list.

How You Can Implement This Strategy for Your Amazon Private Label Brand

  1. Create a Facebook Ad Campaign and only target people that have liked your FB Page.
  2. Use one Hero image of your product for the ad
  3. Write Sales Copy

Sample Sales Copy:

Hi – It’s Great to Have You Here! We are excited to be introducing our new Organic Skincare line on Amazon very soon! In preparation for this product launch, we’re giving away 100 specially discounted coupons to be used on Amazon for you to try our product at 75% off! Click on the link below to sign up to be notified when the coupon is available. We will then email you with the special code.

4. Enter your Leadpages link as the URL for them to sign up.


2. FB Ad Campaign to All of Target Audience saved from ‘Like’ Campaign Ad

This is a second option you can use which is somewhat similar to the above, but is slightly more refined. Since we are targeting people from our initial saved target audience as a whole (even if they didn’t like our page), we want to build more of a proper ad. This is because we will be advertising to both cold and warm prospects.



How You Can Implement This Strategy for Your Amazon Private Label Brand

  1. Create a Facebook Ad Campaign to Optimize for Leads.
  2. Target audiences that have relevancy to the products your offering
  3. Use a Hero image of your product for the ad
  4. Write Sales Copy
  5. Enter the Leadpages link as the URL for them to sign up.

Samples Sales Copy:

Try the new Organic Skincare line from XYZ Company at 75% OFF with this special Amazon Coupon! Offer is only available to the first 100 Buyers.

***Hero Image Shot***

Claim My Coupon Now and Save 75% on This Amazon Product.

Limited to First 100 Buyers. Free Shipping with Amazon Prime.


Here is a snapshot of the lead conversions from some of these Facebook ad campaigns I ran:

WBR Leadpages Conversions

At the highest point, the conversion rate was at 44%. The more I’ve used this ad link for my example trainings, the conversion rate has started to take a hit. That’s due to people clicking to the link to see the pages and not opting in.

And yes, these pages and links are all still up for training purposes only. I’m not actively selling from this account at the moment.

As with anything, it is important to experiment and try new things to see what works best for your product.

Decide on how many leads you want to obtain for your product launch. 50-100 subscriber leads will do just fine for your initial launch. Also, you will have to take into consideration that not all subscribers will use the code to purchase your item.

Next, send each subscriber their unique, single use Amazon coupon code and watch your first few orders on Amazon come through! From there, your sales rank will start to gain momentum for your Amazon Private Label Product Launch.




Much of creating the marketing funnel process including the landing page, thank you page, and other re-directs can now all be done seamlessly through using Clickfunnels. It’s one of the biggest time savers for creating the sort of marketing funnels that I outlined in this strategy.

On top of that, one can even create a quick Private Label website page on Clickfunnels! I’ve become an active user and would highly recommend it for anyone looking to market their Private Label brands. You can try the software free for 14 Days by clicking here.

Let me know in the comments below how this strategy works for you. If you need help implementing this, you can book a one-on-one coaching call with me here.

Happy Selling!

For more tips on how to sell on Amazon, make sure you click and sign up to my Amazon VIP Tips here:

I’m Ready, let’s get started